As a half-Spanish half-german woman who grew up between different cultures in Germany, Spain and Panama, Victoria Scheu got to know different fashion styles and the importance of fashion as a means of communication and form of expression from an early age. 

Out of this great passion for fashion and design, Victoria, who previously worked as an Online Marketing Manager for an Online luxury retailer, founded the blog VICTORIASCHEU.COM in 2015. 

Besides her passion for fashion, design and aesthetics Victoria also dedicades her Blog to topics that are close to her heart, such as feminism, female empowerment and socio-cultural changes. 

As a content creator Victoria had the honor to work with numorous national and international premium and luxury brands such as Chloé, Tory Burch, Dior, Arket, Aigner, Zalando, Calvin Klein and many more. 

For any questions and request please feel free to contact Victoria via hello@victoriascheu.com