monthly review: September 2018

monthly review: September 2018

September is almost over and I realize how unconscious I have been living this month. Dates, commitments, and a stubborn cold kept me from consciously enjoying the month and it’s beautiful pre-autumn days. It’s actually a good thing that I write the monthly reviews again as the resolution for the next month is already clarified.

What was going on?

A lot! At the beginning of the month I’ve been in Munich for a few days – mainly for professional reasons, so I had some appointments and which resulted in a few exciting projects. I was part of Zalando get the Look in September and part of the Zalando 10 year campaign, which made me very happy. After over 10 years I met a former school friend of mine, who also has a great passion for fashion and design and whose Instagram you should visit. No review without a stir! This month, the bitchiness in the blog business bothered me (once again). Starting point of the drama: the steadily sinking Instagram reach, under which we (almost) all suffer. For some colleagues, however, the decreasing reach is so dramatic that they end up gossiping and behaving quite disrespectful against all colleagues and the industry itself. I personally find very uncooperative as we are all in the same boat.


Favorites of the month

Bye CÉline, the farewell to Phoebe Philo breaks my fashion heart! I’m so not ready to give up classic elegance and minimalistic silhouettes for Slimane’s signature rock’n’roll, edgy-grunge looks. I don’t need another collection full of slim ties, mini dresses and sequins! That’s why my montly favorites are a bit more into classics.

Brand of the month

I love discovering new things, new trends, new designs and labels that don’t always need to be mainstream. My discovery of the month is the Parisian label Polène. My absolute favorite is the Bag Numéro Six. Minimalistic, timeless and elegant, the bag doesn’t only impress with its design, but also with its high quality, both in terms of materials and workmanship. The bag is easy to carry and yet it is an eye-catcher. I like.


What next?

It’s birthday time! N. turns 35 in October and my 30th birthday is on November 3rd!! Of course, this will be celebrated and so we are going to fly to Milan beginning of November and spend my birthday there. Although my last stay in Milan for Milan Fashion Week ended up being pretty unpleasant (unfortunately I got sick), Milan is simply one of my favorite cities, to which I could fly anytime again. Of course it’s time to visit Munich again for the Press Days and I planned another short trip to Spain, to visit my family.





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