monthly review: october 2018

monthly review: october 2018

Buona sera da Milano!N. and I flew to Milan this morning, one of my all-timr favorite cities. N. lived here for several years and I always like to come back to the Italian city. Our Engagement, mini honeymoon and now my 30th birthday – Milan is always connected to very special occasions and will always have a place in my heart. Apart from the fact that EVERY flight to Milan is connected with quite heavy turbulences and the fact that I’m quite afraid of flying, Milan (with N. !!) is always a dream.

What was going on?

October has definitely been the most work-intensive month since I became a full-time blogger. This is by no means a complaining, on the contrary – when you do what you love, work is suddenly not work anymore. Self-employment is a real blessing to me, even if it isn’t always easy.
In addition to the usual blogger tasks I went to Munich for the Fashion Press Days, with some great highlights for SS19. What bothered me the most this month? Actually nothing! I had a very relaxed and harmonious month, but maybe I was just too busy for bad vibes. Maybe I was a little annoyed by the debate on the subject of added value. Yes, every blogger wants to add value to their readers. But what exactly is added value? The common definition of bloggers is probably “as I do or would do – so it has added value.” That seems to me, unfortunately, quite short-sighted and maybe a little narcissistic.

Lieblinge des Monats

Definitely warm and cuddly knits! Here I have already shown you some of my favorite pieces. Winter is for me the month in which one should invest in high-quality basics.

Brand des Monats 

OH BOYY!! Favorite of the month – again a bag, no stop: THE bag. Fresh and clear designs designed by Jesse Dorsey and Wannasiri Kongman in Thailand. The new it bag that was supposed to actually be NO it-bag but a minimalist and fresh Re-interpration of luxury, is my newest Favorite. Does the hype last? I say yes, because there isn’t one model that is currently celebrated – Bobby, Fred, Karl – there are different designs, all of which have one thing in common: the XXL buckle. New colors are added every season, and thanks to the clean design, there is definitely no bag that will fill you up quickly. I found my model Bobby in Indian Red at Möller and Schaar* in Frankfurt.


Was steht an?

Milano! N. and I will be in Italy until Sunday evening. I would like to take it a little bit more relaxed these days and not immediately answer every mail. On Monday morning I will head to Munich, to the second round of Press Dates and Sunday I will fly to Northern Spain for a few days to my family. It definitely won’t be a boring month for me.





*In Cooperation with Möller und Schaar


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