monthly review: August 2018

monthly review: August 2018

August is over and we are taking big steps towards autumn. And funny, how all those who have complained about the summer heat, now lament about the rainy, gray days. Last week I spend a couple of days in Majorca together with my mother and one evening I had a very interesting conversation with the waiter. About dissatisfaction. About a couple who kept complaining every night – the wine was too cold, too warm, the food too salty, too bland. And I wonder sometimes, do we have forgotten how to be happy? Or are we just demanding? The food was ok, but there were exactly 3 1/2 salt grains missing. And then I take a look at my mother. Forgot her phone and sits there with a glass of wine, listening to the birdsong, balanced and happy. Being happy is actually so easy.

What was going on?

August was, despite a week’s holiday in Majorca, a pretty work-intensive month for me. I had some very exciting projects with great partners and I’m looking forward to being able to tell you more in September. Being self-employment is always a risk, sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn’t. And while everyone in the Blogger world tends to paint their lives rosy, I have to say that it hasn’t always been easy in the past. I have dealt with myself and questioned a lot, instead of having confidence in myseld. And somehow August helped me a lot. Because there was really a lot of work, which distracted me on the one hand, but also encouraged me to believe in myseld. And after that, I was rewarded with a very relaxing holiday.


Monthly favorites

FALL IS COMING!!! Can’t wait – fall is definitely my favorite season in terms of fashion. I’m particularly looking forward to muted colors, animal print and above all: a lot of checks.

What next?

Next week I will be back in Munich for 3 days. In addition to a few appointments, I’m also happy to meet my friends again. I’m currently reading “The Why are you here CafĂ©” and I’m determined to listen more often to my intuition, not to be persuaded to anything, which I really don’t feel like and make me a little freer of constraints and expectations. Therefore, what exactly will happen in September, you’ll probably read in the September review – or on Instagram! Stay tuned!






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