Life Update: Tori Nasir 2.0

Life Update: Tori Nasir 2.0

Now this is actually the first blog post, I write in my small, sparsely furnished “office”. In Frankfurt. As a full-time blogger of Tori Nasir. I try to focus in between all the drilling sounds, thinking about other full-time bloggers sitting in their stylish offices working on their editorial plan. I look around, moving boxes, clothes and lamps that haven’t yet been mounted. It’s a long way to go …

Hello Frankfurt, see you soon Munich! 

Growing up in the Hessian province, Frankfurt was always the number one city for me. There was always something going on, there was life and back in the village, there was nothing. Yes, Frankfurt was somehow dirty and disreputable. Anyone who talks about Frankfurt always hears “oh, the but the central station…!”. Immediately after finishing school I went to Munich – and stayed. For 10 years and yes, Munich has shaped me. In Munich, I celebrated, shopped, worked, learned, loved and suffered. I had a great time, the best friends and colleagues (Fridolin and Gisela, you know!). But somehow I lost more and more the relation to Munich, it was no longer my city, everything annoyed me. And home was suddenly so close again. The hated calm in the village was like vacation and Frankfurt was suddenly cool, urban and easy-going. In a positive sense eclectic and a welcome change to Munich, where everything always has to be beautiful and perfect. Now I’m sitting here, in my apartment in the eastside of frankfurt, between moving boxes and lamps and I feel “I’m back home!”.

About Tori goes Tori Nasir

Honestly, I didn’t like the name abouttori for quite some time now. It simply had no special meaning, no statement and was somehow to boring, too uncreative. True, to use one’s own name is not necessarily the result of boundless creativity, but still changing my blogs name to Tori Nasir was right thing to do for me.

Bye, safe haven – Hello self-employment!

Some of you have already heard about Instastories: I have decided to devote myself fully to the blog. I have been thinking of this for a while now and I’m very happy to have made that decision. In addition to a “regular” office job, it was hardly possible for me to meet my demands on myself and my blog. I’m looking forward to spending more time and energy on Instagram and the blog and spending more time on taking high quality pictures. Special thanks to my husband, family, friends and readers, who encouraged me in this step and believe in me. I look forward to everything that comes with you by my side.










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